5 Fears of First Time Interim Managers

More and more executives are taking on an ‘interim’ assignment either as a first step into a ‘portfolio career’ or to give themselves breathing space while hunting out the next long term opportunity. . These are some of the most common concerns I hear from new interim managers:

  1. “I won’t be there long enough to have an impact”

You’re hired because you’re a little over-qualified for the role in the long term, specifically because you have the experience to over-deliver in the short term which mitigates this. Interims almost never ‘step up’ into a more senior role than their past.

  1. “It will rule me out from permanent opportunities”

It’s true, if you commit to a 6-month contract, your reputation will be damaged by heading off in the second week of your assignment to that other permanent job option that had been simmering for a while. However, many permanent search processes can take many weeks from initial contact and there will be an expectation that the successful candidate will be ‘permanent’ with a 1 – 3 month notice period. It’s not too far into a contract when you can therefore still be competitive and fulfil your contractual commitments.

  1. A different sector might undervalue my CV”

People fear that a stint in government or perhaps a different commercial sector might lose the ‘logic’ on their CV and harm their chances of permanent opportunities back in their ‘home’ sector. Employers do value a change in sector, it demonstrates adaptability, brings more diversity of thinking and plus it will broaden personal networks.

  1. “I don’t want to travel or live away”

About 90% will relocate for an assignment, it doesn’t need mean New York to London, if you live and work in a major conurbation you can say ‘no’ but some employers in regional locations are flexible; it doesn’t need to be five days away leaving on a Sunday but could be 3 days a week onsite, 1 day working from home and a day off.

  1. “It’s an admin hassle”

Working with an efficient interim service provider (ISP) such as the partners in SMW Worldwide will remove the hassle; establishing contracts, ensuring compliance and (most importantly) making regular payments.  The presence of these firms increases the value and availability of Interim Managers and the work they do, while cutting the administration hassle for both the employer and the Interim Manager.

This article submitted by SMW Partner Danny Hodgson 

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