5 often-overlooked reasons interim managers always succeed


The market for hiring ‘interim’ executives is dwarfed by that of permanent appointments and much has been written, analyzed and debated about successfully recruiting permanent employees, however little attention is given to assessing ‘interim’ recruitment.

The ‘failure’ rate when hiring an interim is conspicuously low and yet it receives little credit and the success factors are often overlooked.  So let’s examine why is the failure rate so low for interim appointments?  Here are 5 reasons to consider:

It is never theirfirst go’

‘Interims’ are almost always hired and pre-qualified because they bring a proven track record of success. It is that track record that gets them the job.  Clients benefit from that experience, dramatically lowering their risk of failure.

They actually enjoy the work!

With honest self-reflection, many interims prefer to work in environments and handle situations in which they can over-deliver, achieve a great outcome and a happy client rather than always tackling the unknown.  There’s also a different political role to an interim.

The Job Description is replaced with a set of deliverables

It is surprising the focus is on a specific set of deliverables set against a deadline or milestones can bring to an individual delivering over an agreed period. Both the timeframe and the deliverable are pre-negotiated.

The ego is always left at the door

The ability to leave the ego at the door is a key facet of any interim executive, it ensures their ability to lead and change with humility, getting more people on board faster at often very turbulent times.

Experience really matters

Given interim executives trade on experience and track record, they are likely to be in the 45 + demographic. Beyond purely experience they also bring a useful set of personal contacts and networks and the ability to coach and mentor, both handy by-products for clients. Also, for most, this is not their “first rodeo.”

Interim managers offer a range of benefits for the hiring company.  The experience these professionals bring allow quick and effective execution of plans, all the while handling the situation as an experienced senior manager would

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