SMW facts & figures

Our partnership in SMW offers the strongest and deepest network of top flight interim executives, available anywhere in the world. Vetted and validated – All candidates introduced have been referenced and their credentials verified.

We are experts in cross-border collaboration. Over the past four years SMW members have successfully placed interim executives in more than 40 countries in every continent.

We work with a ‘key account’ approach with clients who have international operations. We advise multinationals, publicly listed, large & small private companies, those owned by families, wealth funds and private equity firms.

We cover all sectors. Most of our work is at or near board level – sourcing individuals or high level project teams.

Leading global provider of Interim Executives

SMW has yearly sales of over 100 million EURO.

SMW Partners have, on average, more than 14 years’ experience in the Executive Interim market place.

Capacity to serve 

  • 110+ recruitment consultants who specialize in providing Interim Management solutions
  • 8,000+ Interim Executives placed in assignments
  • 100,000+ Interim Executives in our global network


  • Averaging over 800 assignments per year and more than 8000 assignments across the SMW lifetime
  • 400 Interim Executives currently on assignment

Valuable experience

Our positions

  • Generalist in executive positions
  • Specialist in senior management positions
  • Specialist in industrial sectors
  • International experience

Our performance

  • Provides a high level of leadership
  • Delivers quick results
  • Brings outside perspective and objectivity
  • Delivers talent wherever needed