Interim Digital Lead in Turkey


As digital platforms and initiatives become more and more important in pharma industry, our client decided to boost their digital efforts. They have already planned their efforts, but they lacked the expertise and FTE that they need to execute the project. Digital-only expertise is not sufficient for such project, so they need a good blend of both digital and healthcare know-how since healthcare has its own rules, regulations and dynamics than other industries.


  • Implementing, monitoring, launching and implementing all digital marketing projects to be carried out in the digital portal targeting physicians. This includes working with stakeholders and agencies for content and channel management of social media accounts
  • Managing the processes in the most effective way by playing an active role in development and implementation of the projects of the new future product launch in the specific therapeutic area, and in all communication activities to be carried out to patients and physicians, by supervising communication, digital and marketing strategies
  • The follow-up, management, development and continuity of ideas that will ensure that the project, which is newly arrived and prepared in the field of this specific disease, reaches more patients, physicians and the public attention


The IM has both conventional product management expertise in healthcare industry and director-level experience at a leading startup with a fully digital product. He has implemented the digital best practices while considering industry dynamics of healthcare.

Due to his project management background in similar environments, he also successfully led the coordination with internal and external parties. The client team had a very intense workload due to new product launches and the IM has helped them smoothly manage the projects and the pipeline by acting as the actual project owner. The key contribution of the IM was that he translated the client teams needs into a technical/digital roadmap and he undertook the responsibility for execution.


The duration of the initially planned 4-months has been completed with success and 3-months extension was approved due to the scope expansion and new requirements. With a single IM, the client was coordinated and implemented 3 different digital projects and they upgraded the internal talent.

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