Interim General Manager for a Russian construction company


The owner of a leading Russian local holding company decided to focus on construction & development businesses. Three years ago, several construction sites of different formats were purchased by the group but no one within the management team had strong competence in the construction & development segment. The key task was to create a global strategy for this business division, including the most prospective segments, products and marketing instruments.

The owner decided to focus on the premium real estate segment and set up the key targets to develop the product for entering the market. He was not sure that he was ready for the long-term commitment of his top manager for this new business. So he was looking for a solution which could bring him more value with less risks.

Key Challenges

The market of premium real estate is extremely competitive in Russia. It doesn’t tolerate mistakes. On one hand, this construction business was almost totally unknown for the owner, so the risks were very serious. On the other hand, there is a lack of strong candidates in the market, and most of them prefer to stay on long-term contracts in this pandemic period. And finally, Interim management is not common in Russia, so there are a very few potential candidates who have the necessary competences and are available for such a project.


Keeping in mind that Interim Management is not common in Russia, we had to explain the specifics and values of an Interim Manager. The business owner agreed to try. We offered a candidate with strong expertise in flagship product development and promotion, project management experience and knowledge of the market. He is one the most successful managers in Russia, and he agreed on the Interim Manager contract.

Taking into consideration that it is a startup, there is no need to hire a team of top managers. The owner is now considering inviting several additional Interim Managers for the next 3-4 months.


On the first stage, the client expects development of new products, which have strong potential to be in demand on the Russian market, based on market analysis, creative approach in performance as a product owner, and establishing relationship with key partners. After the first three months, the sales process should start.


3 months (total cost of $13,500) = Savings of $215,000

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