Interim IT Project manager for a Global Medical Company in Switzerland

With the support of a transformation specialist, a globally active company in medical research comprehensively reorganized its corporate IT. This was achieved excellently thanks to an integrative management style: those who co-determine and co-develop are also behind the implementation of the selected processes and systems.


Our client is the leader in innovation for the surgical treatment of bone fractures and diseases. It has a global network of over 460,000 healthcare professionals, conducts over 775 educational events worldwide annually with approximately 7,000 faculty and 98,000 attendees and employs approximately 18,500 surgeons.

In such a large company, IT must run smoothly to ensure both customer and employee satisfaction. That’s why the company took the departure of its Head of IT as an opportunity to undertake a comprehensive transformation of its corporate IT.


The interim manager as project leader and transformation specialist provided by Top Fifty from Switzerland noticed a clear discrepancy in the perception of expectations and performance between management and the IT team. Therefore, as a first step, he looked for the causes of this, conducted individual interviews, workshops and a company-wide survey.

The interim project manager then defined the goals of the transformation with the management team, explaining many best practices in workshops and building a customized approach together with the members of the management team.

Discussions and workshops with IT staff brought to light long-neglected issues such as the replacement of old systems, the lack of training for IT managers, and the escalating complexity of individual systems, for which solutions urgently needed to be developed. Combined with the many Corona-related constraints, a challenging crisis situation emerged.


Thanks to good cooperation between management, HR and Corporate Communication, as well as the involvement of the entire IT team and close personal support for all those involved, many new processes and a company-wide transparent tool were introduced. It was particularly important that, despite the Corona crisis, all workshops were conducted as face-to-face meetings, because building trust (almost) only works through personal contact. Adhering to all the rules of conduct and safety measures was sometimes tedious, our specialist told us, but the effort was worth it: the workshops led to the desired activation, inspiration and motivation of all participants, so that a sustainable change in business processes and the corporate and team culture was possible.

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