Interim Manager for a Multinational Energy Company


A multinational energy company was expanding vigorously in a cross-section of energy-related activities in Hungary. Overall professional coordination was successful, but the need for the fast introduction of a group-level controlling system became inevitable. Controlling was working well on a company level, but there was no harmonization.


Within two weeks IMR was able to provide a qualified local interim manager for the client. The interim had previous international project management and change management experience specifically in the telco sector. The Interim Manager had to introduce a holding-level controlling system within 8 months, but equally importantly he had to sell the concept to the controlling directors of each of the subsidiaries, thus had to have very strong people management skills, too.


Within the planned period, a highly effective controlling system has been implemented and as an important „by-product” of the project, the experienced interim manager coached a talented manager of the company, who took over the rule to “run the business.” Parallel to the introduction of a brand new system that complied with international standards, a significant change in the entire management culture has also been successfully implemented.

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