Interim Production Manager for a Global Automotive Supplier


Interim Management Resourcing Ltd (IMR) has been a leading interim service provider in Hungary for almost ten years. IMR’s client is one of the Hungarian plants of the world’s largest auto seat manufacturer producing steel mechanisms for front seats, both mechanical and electric motor driven versions. Their customers are top German car manufacturers, with assembly plants in Europe, North America and South Africa.

The client’s plant was opened early 2017, with several problems, regarding design of space for material flow, installation of necessary manufacturing equipment transferred from other sites, establishment of proper assembly processes and quality assurance procedures. The situation was worsened by a substantial shortage of staff both at floor management and operation levels.

All these resulted in growing difficulties regarding quality and delivery time. Our client needed an interim production manager to support and turn-around the activities of the division Final Assembly and Pre-Shipping Testing.


After having reviewed the current situation, the multiple challenges already identified and still to be explored, IMR recommended to deliver the interim service, planned for six months, in two phases. The client appreciated and approved this approach, and in agreement with the interim manager selected the contract was signed for 

Phase 1: review and analyze the processes, procedures and documents related to the final assembly and pre-shipping testing, identify areas of optimization, recommend changes and scheduling including cooperation with other divisions. In the meantime, run the operation of the division executing tasks of top urgency, and   

Phase 2: manage the division with full responsibility in line with the approved recommendations, improve, and finetune if required, all necessary processes according to the change program and set priorities, establish and implement, personally if needed, all related or missing documentation, mentor and develop existing and new staff, report to the plant management.     


All agreed work has been done successfully, which resulted in the consolidation of product quality, minimization of customers’ claims regarding delivery quantities and times, substantial cost savings through avoiding air transport to other continents, stabilization of staff at floor management and operation levels. During the interim’s engagement, the hiring manager left the company. After having arrived at his new employer he became IMR’s client again. 

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