Interim Managers make a Career

Interim manager is a profession that is a real option for top managers There are about 15,000 Interim Managers in Germany. The top Interim Managers consciously choose such a career. While we have been working with these managers for years, we are watching them evolve. They take on ever larger tasks for more fees. If […]

Can Interim Management guarantee successful Private Equity?

Private Equity is money from a group of investors, pooled together in a fund or private equity firm to finance takeovers and growth. The investors are often insurance companies, pension funds, wealthy individuals and the managers of the fund. The aim is to obtain a substantial return on the investment; a target return of 20-30 […]

The power of interim management in supply chain

Many companies are overwhelmed by a wave of changes, such as digitization, globalization and new technologies. The consequences of COVID-19 also demand full attention. How do you get a grip on these trends and developments in the supply chain? For innovative supply chain managers, it is very important that they try out new technologies and […]

Necessity is the mother of invention: interim business in today’s India

Impact of Covid-19 on Interim Recruitments in India Interim recruitment has become a need that thrives in the face of uncertainty. The focus is to provide companies with the resources they need to rise to their challenges during a period of difficulty, whether this is financial, strategic, operational or productivity. Covid-19 created various operational and financial […]

The power of interim management in automotive

Disruptive developments are changing the automotive sector at a rapid pace. Electrification, autonomy, connectivity and new mobility services in particular have an impact on current business models. This requires adaptability of every automotive organization. The transition to emission-free mobility is becoming a global requirement. Electricity to charge vehicles will more often have to be generated […]

The Future of Work: The Expertise Economy

The future of work is changing. The skills needed for innovation and growth are often not sufficiently present in companies. And even recent graduates barely have them. How do you deal with this? In this webinar from SMW partner Expertera, Alp Sezginsoy (CEO Expertera) and Kelly Palmer (CLO Degreed) discuss The Future of Work. What […]

Make way for the interim Chief Covid Officer

Internationally ongoing studies into the effects of the Covid-19 crisis point to acute challenges facing boards of directors and owners. Frequently mentioned topics are: impact on business results risk of global recession movements in personnel drop in productivity decline in consumer confidence and consumption supply chain changes Challenges How does that translate into new management […]

Interim business in today’s Russia

Keep in touch with your market, especially now! Business becomes more and more digital in all countries, and the latest situation with COVID-19 only pushed this trend. So, more and more communication switched to an online format, including client meetings and conferences. As networking is obviously important for top managers, we see that online conferences […]

Interim management in times of corona

In this time of the coronavirus pandemic, interim assignments are being extended and new assignments are being granted. For example, in the (semi) governmental sectors, to help employees on the front line with the direct consequences of COVID-19. Also, some large companies are already looking ahead to the post COVID period and conclude that many […]

When is it time to think about interim management?

Interim management has been around for a long time. Both in economically good times and in recession, skilled interim managers play a crucial role within organisations. With the common thread always being that they can be the difference that takes the company further. In practice, interim management is generally implemented with a strong focus on […]