5 often-overlooked reasons interim managers always succeed

The market for hiring ‘interim’ executives is dwarfed by that of permanent appointments and much has been written, analyzed and debated about successfully recruiting permanent employees, however little attention is given to assessing ‘interim’ recruitment. The ‘failure’ rate when hiring an interim is conspicuously low and yet it receives little credit and the success factors […]

How to Sell Yourself as an Interim Manager

interim manager

Interim Managers work from one project to the next. Working on business development between projects helps them expand their network and build their brand. If an interim manager is part of an interim management network like Small Management Worldwide (SMW), they don’t need to actively look for clients. Rather, they are matched to their next […]

When do you Need an Interim Manager?

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Interim management is a common solution in the business world today. Although most companies have heard of an interim manager, many still don’t understand when to call one. They don’t know what kind of situations demand outside help, and when’s the best time to send an SOS. Through SMW, interim managers are ready to step […]