How to Sell Yourself as an Interim Manager

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Interim Managers work from one project to the next. Working on business development between projects helps them expand their network and build their brand. If an interim manager is part of an interim management network like Small Management Worldwide (SMW), they don’t need to actively look for clients. Rather, they are matched to their next […]

Interim Managers Know How to Deliver Results

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Interim managers bring years of experience to the table when companies hire them to manage challenging situations. They are there because they have foresight and the ability to “fix things.” However, it’s not just their experience that helps them succeed. Interim managers who accomplish their goals don’t get sidetracked. They stay focused. It’s no easy feat leading a […]

Interim Managers and Business Development

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Interim managers must work just as hard as other professionals on selling themselves. They may excel at what they do, but nobody outside their network will necessarily know that. However, with good business development that focuses on branding, sharing, and networking, they can attract new clients from their relevant sector or industry. Crafting Your Brand If you’ve worked […]

Interim Managers Write Their Own Success Stories

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SMW provides great leadership for interim managers who write their own success stories. The basic elements of adventure in everyone’s personal experiences can inspire others. Interim Managers Have Unique Opportunities to Sell Skills Through the Power of Storytelling When a speaker offers to illustrate a point with a story, we all tune in and listen […]