Crisis management in times of Covid-19

Covid-19 still occupies the minds of people all over the world. Many companies are busy keeping their heads above water. In some branches they seem to be on the way back. What awaits you after the corona crisis? What have you done differently? What is worth preserving? And how do you prepare for new developments? A new wave?

Areas of interest

The topics for which our partners have been approached in recent months are diverse. Think of cost reduction and optimization of resources. But also challenges such as cash flow, liquidity and stakeholder dialogues. And what about missing or even failed deliveries in your supply chain? Then there are the issues with getting your employees back to work safely and all of the consequences of production capacity, sales and turnover? The effect of Covid-19 has many interfaces.

Crisis management

The corona virus that has struck the world is extremely complex. The pandemic started at a rapid pace, putting many companies in a survival situation. The crisis came without warning, putting companies under great pressure. This means that many companies are in urgent need of crisis management. Crisis management requires immediate action and decisions. Experienced crisis managers are accustomed to making quick considerations and decisions.


Because speed is needed when corona problems arise, many partners of SMW have set up a fast track. They have the interim managers specialized in (operational) crisis management ready in advance. This means that clients who need to switch quickly also can be served quickly. Each process starts with an enlightening intake (often within 24 hours) in which the purpose and essence of the assignment is made clear. Based on this, the best candidate is selected and nominated. The services of SMW partners are, of course, strictly confidential and based on competitive and transparent rates. Partners strive to have an interim manager working for you within 10 working days.


The services of all SMW partners are fully geared to the locally applicable Covid-regulations. Think of working from home, social and hygiene measures during personal meetings and the use of video conferencing tools.

International cooperation

Senior Management Worldwide (SMW) regularly publishes best practice examples from its partners. With associated member firms in 40 countries and partner branches in 19 countries including USA, Europe, Asia and Americas, SMW delivers services seamlessly across the world in any market. One local contact in your country plus one contact on the ground in the country where we are working. Wondering how we can help your company? Contact the SMW partners in your region:

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