Interim Executive Brings Success To Family Owned Fabrication Business

SMW Partners like Cerius Executives will supply your company with a top Interim VP to help bridge the gaps in leadership, creating the necessary pause to implement success.

The family-owned industrial metal fabrication company was in need of newly focused direction and support. Morganton’s management was being overwhelmed with too many fires to put out. Redundancies in MRP implementation were driving purchasing in production. As a result, it trickled down to a negative customer experience and thus a negative company morale.

Morgaton’s challenges were steeped in management inexperience that lead to poor MRP and training. This left customers angry with delivery and quality, leading to price concessions due to constant reworks. In the end, suppliers would become furious with outstanding payments… a true domino effect.

Many staff members learn on the job but when you’re steeped in managerial inexperience how does that experiential learning work? It can work with this fresh outside perspective. The interim GM from Cerius was able to come in and understand that people learn differently based on the current circumstances. The positivity of the interim leader was able to have conversations with the staff and learn what they know and don’t know, helping the organization determine development priorities.

An interim can take on the role of a VP/GM to do the heavy lifting and then depart once the overwhelming workload is resolved. Quickly finding and hiring an experienced interim executive that offers an impartial perspective of the issues at hand can ease the load and offer a focussed decision making.

Interim executive results:

  • On hand inventory balances have declined.
  • Morale is up, both in the factory and with the office staff.
  • Sample order lead time reduced by greater than 50%.
  • Volume capability for sample orders has improved by 3x.
  • Cost overall have reduced while manufacturing production had improved.
  • Rework and defective products have decreased.
  • Customer complaints have declined.
  • The past 12 months have shown the highest manufacturing productivity, while internal defects were at their lowest.
  • On time delivery and overall cost reduction quality problems thus customer complaints, and low employee morale.

There’s an abundance of executives looking for work but a shortage of qualified and seasoned VP’s and GM’s in the market right now who are able to offer clear objective insight.

“His operational expertise has made a forever lasting impact in our direction and approach; he has aimed us in the correct direction for success.” Operations Manager

“This is the best support and direction that we’ve had.” Finance team

When your organization is ready to look critically at itself and willing to make necessary changes, an interim VP executive from can provide senior management and success.

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