New board members for Senior Management Worldwide

Senior Management Worldwide is pleased to announce that Ana Ber and Samantha Robinson joined the Board of Directors. Ana Ber is Managing Partner of IM-Advisor in Romania and Samantha Robinson is Managing Director of Shareek Interim Management Middle East in United Arab Emirates.

Grégoire Cabri-Wiltzer, president of Senior Management Worldwide: “We are very glad to have Ana and Samantha on board. They both bring their expertise to our international organisation. Ana Ber will focus on developing new tools for improving cross border business within SMW. Samantha Robinson is experienced in developing emerging markets. Both topics are very important for our organisation in the coming years.”

Ana Ber about her new role: “From my personal interest in developing tools for ultimate match making in cross border business, I am pleased to now be able to use and further develop these for our international organisation as well.”

Samantha Robinson about her new role: “The Middle East is a hugely promising area for Interim Management. I can now use my experience in developing this emerging market in other parts of the world, together with the SMW partners.”

Christian Hvashøj left the board after his term with thanksgiving. With the arrival of the two new board members, the full board looks as follows:

  • Grégoire Cabri-Wiltzer (president)
  • Dirk Kremer
  • Patrick Lhoest
  • Pierina Tannò
  • Ana Ber
  • Samantha Robinson
  • Maurizio Quarta (advisor)

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