Disrupt the Executive Search and Recruit an Interim Manager

Interim manager: Knowing the expectations for the future

The market for an interim manager has grown significantly in the past few years. A decade ago, not many outside of mega-corporations knew what interim management was. Now we find that both startups and large companies are consistently hiring interim managers to lead projects. Interims often handle key transitions in businesses and are able to fill executive roles that have suddenly become vacant.

Recruit an Interim Manager: Going to the experts

When companies expand into new markets, they often rush into partnerships that seem like a good fit in the moment. However, as work starts they often discover unexpected complications. That is when many companies reach out to interim executive providers like Senior Management Worldwide (SMW) for their expertise in placing the right executive in the right leadership position.

Recruit an Interim Manager: Making a match

SMW finds and places executives who demonstrate international experience, trustworthiness, diligence. In a rush to expand, companies can often overlook or miss these qualities. Because SMW is involved with their clients every step of the way, they have the ability to vet and place the ideal candidate for any job. 

SMW aligns clients’ needs with interim executives’ experience. If a client seeks someone who excels at turnaround management, then SMW can find an interim manager with past success in turnaround management. If the client plans on expanding into new markets, then SMW finds an executive who has experience in entering new markets.

Rather than thinking of interim management as a long or short-term hiring, SMW views the process from a metrics-driven, project-based perspective. Considering the job in terms of a project with goals–as opposed to a role lasting a specific amount of time–helps both sides become more productive and effective.

Recruit an Interim Manager: Meeting the client

Interim managers are highly experienced individuals who have worked with reputable companies and have outstanding references. Such backgrounds makes them overqualified for many assignments. Once the organization reviews a CV and verifies referrals, they set an introductory meeting; unlike a typical recruitment interview, this is more of a project-focused discussion.

It may take multiple meetings for the client to gather enough information and an understanding of how the interim executive works. Companies may be in talks with several experienced executives before deciding on the strongest match for their needs. Once they agree on a candidate, the interim manager begins work straight away.

Knowing the expectations for the future, @SMW places excellent interim executive leadership so that businesses remain strong and continue to generate revenue in spite of changes.

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