Interim Management Emergency Replacement

Restructuring of executives adds greater opportunities for communication. Case in point – SMW’s unique interim management replacement, Emergency GM Replacement.

Company background – Interim Management Case Studies

A Swedish industrial products company had lost their GM, due to an ethical issue, and needed to replace him quickly. They contacted SMW’s partner company in Sweden, Mason Interim Management, who in turn got in touch with SMW for support.

Resolving the issue – Interim Management Case Studies

Something unique about this project was that the client was looking for a very rare, relatively hard-to-find profile. They not only wanted somebody with industry expertise in a specific industry; they wanted a foreign national who had experience in the Turkish market due to poor performance in the area.

A job ad was put out. SMW monitored applications and also shortlisted internal candidates from within their network. They finally settled on three candidates. The client had 2 introductory meetings with them, and at the end of the process hired a German citizen who had experience in Turkish markets and industrial product general management. Since the client was an industrial product manufacturer, they preferred to work with him.

The interim GM hired for the position had lived in Turkey for several years and was married to a Turkish lady because of which he knew the culture well. He turned out to be a perfect fit for the company and did a really good job, coming up to speed very fast on what the company was doing and delivering results.

Mission critical at the company was an issue based on bad ethics and lack of trust. The interim GM was able to step in and steer the company in the right direction.

Results achieved – Interim Management Case Studies

The interim GM took up the project and made an impact within a few months. Because the company did not have great results in Turkish markets and was not profitable there, he turned around management which improved business in Turkey.

The project lasted about a year as an interim model, and the final results were good. At the end of a year, they decided to hire him full-time. Now he works as a full-time GM for the company.

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