Leadership Style of an Interim Executive

interim executive

Interim executives lead differently than your traditional CEO or CFO. They have limited time and work in a high-pressure environment, producing results that take the typical executive months to plan. Their unique leadership style is one of the biggest reasons why they’re able to deliver on their promises quickly and superbly. Proven leadership style equals […]

When do you Need an Interim Manager?

interim manager

Interim management is a common solution in the business world today. Although most companies have heard of an interim manager, many still don’t understand when to call one. They don’t know what kind of situations demand outside help, and when’s the best time to send an SOS. Through SMW, interim managers are ready to step […]

Common Scenarios Interim Managers Encounter

Interim Management, Interim Executive, Temporary Executive

Having on average more than 14 years experience in the Executive Interim marketplace, SMW Partners provide a high level of leadership who are used to dealing with a diverse range of scenarios. Interim executives are called on to help improve a variety of issues. As a result, you’d get a different answer from different providers. […]