Leadership Style of an Interim Executive

interim executive

Interim executives lead differently than your traditional CEO or CFO. They have limited time and work in a high-pressure environment, producing results that take the typical executive months to plan. Their unique leadership style is one of the biggest reasons why they’re able to deliver on their promises quickly and superbly. Proven leadership style equals […]

3 Principles to Hiring an Interim Executive

interim executive

Save time and money during your next search for an interim executive. SMW worldwide partners offer interim management and temporary executive search needs. As a result, they rapidly provide independent, executive interims to organizations in demanding situations. Each business is unique. Whether it’s because of the product you sell, location, company culture or because of […]

Interim Executive Speeds up the Hiring Process

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Hiring an interim executive (or GM), can bring out all kinds of opinions in the office on whether or not to hire one, and if so, what type of a person to look for. Even at firms where the staff is fully onboard, the hiring process can be very slow. A lack of resistance allows management […]