SMW Expands Its Interim Executive Network Into India by Partnering With Confiar Global

Confiar Global is SMW’s new international partner in India for interim executive and Executive search. Confiar Global is one of India’s leading and most dynamic search firms with unparalleled standards of client service, quality and excellence. Confiar has a pan-Indian presence with offices in New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai with plans of expansion into […]

Interim Executives Save Time and Money

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Interim executives not only save companies in trouble, but they also have the potential to add value. By providing financial savings and time flexibility, they allow organizations to continue growing and achieving their targets. Interim Executives Provide Stability Usually when executives leave their posts, they are contractually bound to notify the company up to a […]

How Interim Executives Can Find Their Career Sweet Spot

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When time disappears and the mind focuses on the task at hand, you’re in your zone. You feel the flow. You’re “unconscious,” as they say in sports. When you feel this way, you’ve found your sweet spot, that magical coalescence of effort and interest. When prospective interim executives reflect on their past accomplishments, they can […]

Interim Executives: A Strategy for Success

Sales. Profits. New customer base. Existing customer base. Growth. Stability. Renewal. CEOs are in charge of developing strategies for meeting business objectives for all of these. Increasingly, companies are hiring top-tier interim executives to optimize business operations. Interim Executives: An Immediate Impact Some CEOs operate under the premise that they should only use interim executives […]

Interim Executives Can Impact Company Culture

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Many current news stories about fair treatment and equity in society are reminders to take those issues head-on in the workplace. When interim executives take new jobs, they can set the tone for a company culture that’s both inclusive and productive. Interim Executives Set Clear Expectations When a new executive enters a company, it is […]

Why Interim Management Can Be the Right Career Path for You

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Interim management through Senior Management Worldwide (SMW) means independence for the executive, consultant, coach, advisor, or board member. In an interim capacity, all of these roles offer flexibility, financial freedom, and challenges. Interim Management Means Flexibility Often, Senior Management Worldwide’s executives decide to enter interim management because it offers them the ability to plan work […]

Interim Executives Offer Long-term Benefits

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SMW‘s interim executives do work that is temporary by nature. The manager steps into an organization for a fixed time period, oversees a transition, delivers the company’s goals, and then exits. Although the interim’s time is limited, his or her impact can be lasting. Defining Roles and Responsibilities of Interim Executives An interim executive’s results […]

Leadership Style of an Interim Executive

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Interim executives lead differently than your traditional CEO or CFO. They have limited time and work in a high-pressure environment, producing results that take the typical executive months to plan. Their unique leadership style is one of the biggest reasons why they’re able to deliver on their promises quickly and superbly. Proven leadership style equals […]

3 Principles to Hiring an Interim Executive

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Save time and money during your next search for an interim executive. SMW worldwide partners offer interim management and temporary executive search needs. As a result, they rapidly provide independent, executive interims to organizations in demanding situations. Each business is unique. Whether it’s because of the product you sell, location, company culture or because of […]

The Interim Executive First Client Meeting Agenda: Create Relationships, Not Clients

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The first client meeting for an interim executive is the best place to take the first steps in creating a fruitful working relationship. Listen to their needs. Hear their concerns. Begin building trust from the start. With this in mind, SMW Partners eases you into the process. A First Client Meeting Sells the Interim Executive’s Skill Set Many people find […]