How to Sell Yourself as an Interim Manager

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Interim Managers work from one project to the next. Working on business development between projects helps them expand their network and build their brand. If an interim manager is part of an interim management network like Small Management Worldwide (SMW), they don’t need to actively look for clients. Rather, they are matched to their next […]

3 Principles to Hiring an Interim Executive

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Save time and money during your next search for an interim executive. SMW worldwide partners offer interim management and temporary executive search needs. As a result, they rapidly provide independent, executive interims to organizations in demanding situations. Each business is unique. Whether it’s because of the product you sell, location, company culture or because of […]

When do you Need an Interim Manager?

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Interim management is a common solution in the business world today. Although most companies have heard of an interim manager, many still don’t understand when to call one. They don’t know what kind of situations demand outside help, and when’s the best time to send an SOS. Through SMW, interim managers are ready to step […]

How Does SMW Build Its Network of Interim Executives?

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Our executives and clients often ask how we staff such a wide variety of roles. One quick answer is that we maintain a vast network of experts we match with companies in the market for interim management or consultation. We also foster relationships and connect interim executives with clients based on their specific needs. How […]

Disrupt the Executive Search and Recruit an Interim Manager

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Interim manager: Knowing the expectations for the future The market for an interim manager has grown significantly in the past few years. A decade ago, not many outside of mega-corporations knew what interim management was. Now we find that both startups and large companies are consistently hiring interim managers to lead projects. Interims often handle key […]

Top 10 Challenges for an Interim Manager

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As an interim manager, you get the opportunity to put your mark on a company, but it does not come without challenges. As you probably know, our business consists of mediating Interim Managers. We always employ freelancers, a success formula that we have been using for decades. These people are experienced, motivated, independent professionals who […]

Common Scenarios Interim Managers Encounter

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Having on average more than 14 years experience in the Executive Interim marketplace, SMW Partners provide a high level of leadership who are used to dealing with a diverse range of scenarios. Interim executives are called on to help improve a variety of issues. As a result, you’d get a different answer from different providers. […]