BPM Interim Manager for a high-speed door reseller


Our Hungarian partner is the only exporter of this German brand. The German manufacturer has been developing and manufacturing these high-performance industrial high-speed doors for almost 40 years. Currently they have offices and service points on all five continents. As the leading manufacturer in the industry, they have many innovations and patents, and the high-speed industrial gates offer professional solutions for all sectors of industry and trade. The Hungarian company is the only exporter of these products since 1992. In addition to selling the product, the Hungarian brand representation also provides a full range of service services.

Due to the challenge in the Hungarian market and the significant growth of the group, the customer’s internal operating structure required a change. On one hand, it was necessary to expand from a small company to a medium-sized company and to transform the operational processes, and to adjust the organization and IT-systems to these processes. The client expected an external Interim Manager to fill these gaps and support the company in catching up with international standards and expectations.


  • Assessing internal operational processes, AS-IS analysis
  • Structuring and mapping of to-be processes (management, business, support) with Business Process Modeling BPM 2.0 methodology (process descriptions, L4 level BPM flowcharts)
  • Re-defining of operational responsibilities and functions according to processes
  • Introduction and training of operation based on the new processes, management of the related change management
  • Creation of new positions in Sales, Project Management and Service, organizational development
  • Introduction of CRM and ERP systems according to business processes, process automation


The client contacted Interim Management Resourcing to find a temporary manager with a multinational background including process and project management and IT experience, to fill the gaps and execute changes needed for further growth and development. A candidate with 15 years of international experience in Business Process Modeling (BPM 2.0) was chosen.


Within a year, the BPM Interim Manager introduced significant changes in the company’s operations and corporate culture, elevating internal operational processes and IT systems to a professional level based on market needs and expectations.

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