Leadership Style of an Interim Executive

Interim executives lead differently than your traditional CEO or CFO. They have limited time and work in a high-pressure environment, producing results that take the typical executive months to plan. Their unique leadership style is one of the biggest reasons why they’re able to deliver on their promises quickly and superbly.

Proven leadership style equals positive results

Senior Management Worldwide (SMW) has over 100,000 interim executives in their network. All of them have some common leadership traits that help them succeed. Interim executives have the ability to adapt quickly. They take a focused and balanced approach to work, thus meeting client expectations with positive results.

Interim executives bring balance

The University of San Diego conducted a study that found there are 3 kinds of interpersonal behaviors exhibited by a leader. One is aggressive. Two is assertive and three non-assertive. Indeed, interim managers are assertive leaders. In particular, they have a balanced approach to getting things done by being assertive. They interact with their subordinates in a manner that is respectful. As a result, everybody feels good and valued in the workplace.

Interim executives are focused

When an interim leader joins an organization, they set themselves goals and plan results they need to deliver. For this reason, interim executives are successful at achieving their objectives.

Interim executives do not indulge in activities that are unrelated to their Statement of Work (SOW). They are good at keeping focus. For this reason, their attention and energy prove competent to accomplish given goals.

Interim executives acclimatize quickly

Settling into a new organization can take somebody weeks or months, but interim managers don’t have that time. They hit the ground running and adjust themselves to the organization in a matter of days. Interim executives are able to connect with new staff seamlessly, making colleagues comfortable with a new leader. As a result, they settle in quickly.

SMW Partners help companies place the right interim executive for your business. Proven leadership style equals positive results.

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