Why Interim Management Can Be the Right Career Path for You

Interim management through Senior Management Worldwide (SMW) means independence for the executive, consultant, coach, advisor, or board member. In an interim capacity, all of these roles offer flexibility, financial freedom, and challenges.

Interim Management Means Flexibility

Often, Senior Management Worldwide’s executives decide to enter interim management because it offers them the ability to plan work around their lives, rather than the other way around. Even when executives suddenly find themselves out of work at their earlier permanent workplaces, they find that interim work is an attractive choice.

Sometimes an executive is looking for the next full-time role or is semi-retired. Other times, a business owner has recently sold a company or is transitioning out of a full-time roll. In such cases, interim management offers flexibility with clearly defined contracts and exit dates, just in case other work is on the horizon. It also allows the executive to explore a new type of work environment while sharpening management skills and building networks.

Interim Management Means Freedom

SMW’s interim managers work with a variety of companies with varying levels of need. They enjoy the stimulation of a new work environment and set of professional objectives. Once they have fulfilled their roles, they can transition to the next job before routine and tedium set in.

Once interim managers accept their jobs, they have choices. They can decide how deeply they want to entrench themselves in the long-term aspects of the role. Oftentimes, there are events to attend, client relationships to build, and a daily schedule to fulfill. The interim executive is free to lead and manage by delegating extra responsibilities and creating a schedule that allows for freedom outside of the business world.

The key is to consider and be clear about what type of freedom you need. Then, write that into the job description.

Interim Management Means Taking on Exciting Challenges

Interim executives often take on management consulting or project work while they are searching for their next full-time positions. Doing so allows them to keep their skills sharp with real-world challenges. As they problem solve for their clients, they are also gaining entry into that industry and testing the waters for their next position.

Some of SMW’s interim executives are semi-retired and wish to continue in their work without the added pressure of long-term commitments. They enjoy the challenges that come with being effective leaders who build trust with their teams and make positive gains for their companies.

There are many reasons an executive might enter an interim management role. In today’s market, such a decision doesn’t have to be a complete life changer. The executives SMW works with seek the flexibility, freedom, and exciting challenges that define the interim executive lifestyle.

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