International survey on Interim Management

SMW partner QMT from Spain, together with two other organizations, initiated a global study on the development of Interim Management. Each SMW partner completed the questionnaire, providing a global view of developments in the global Interim Management market.

What are developments in this market? What role has Covid played so far? And what opportunities are there in the near future?

Dirk Kremer (QMT): “We see that Interim Management gets more and more a strategic role in companies. Management and Supervisory Boards are turning more often directly to specialized agencies. And that makes sense, because they have a pool of IMs and the knowledge to select the most suitable candidate from it. Candidates who have the experience in managing the situation as the client is going through.”

The management summary and also the entire report can be downloaded here:
* Executive Summary International Study Interim Management
* Total International Study Interim Management

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Javier Moreno & Dirk Kremer

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