The power of interim management in automotive

Disruptive developments are changing the automotive sector at a rapid pace. Electrification, autonomy, connectivity and new mobility services in particular have an impact on current business models. This requires adaptability of every automotive organization.

The transition to emission-free mobility is becoming a global requirement. Electricity to charge vehicles will more often have to be generated sustainably in order to ensure CO2 neutral mobility. The self-propelled car can drive on the road completely independently and is connected to the internet. This will improve road safety, because these cars can look around and react and anticipate what is happening on the road. The growing need for vehicle sharing will provide new mobility services. The increase in homeworking as a result of COVID-19 will also influence this. Communication around automotive is changing in several ways. Think of the communication between cars or between vehicle occupants and the outside world. But also the function as ‘third place’ that the car will have in the future as a position between home and work, combining the characteristics of both.

Remain successful

The rapid reorganization of the automotive sector will have far-reaching consequences. Existing structures will have to change in the short term in order to respond to developments in a timely manner. In order for the automotive sector to remain successful, both manufacturers and suppliers will have to keep an eye on the aforementioned trends and developments and respond to them.


In order to take full advantage of the opportunities and possibilities, new, often disruptive business models need to be introduced. The main focus should be on increasing customer benefits. Thinking more in terms of ‘solutions’ and less in terms of ‘products’. But how do you do that?

In order to achieve optimal customer satisfaction, investments will have to be made at many points in the value chain. In addition, companies need to ensure that they have sufficient trained and experienced staff with the necessary new skills to meet the needs of the future.

A head start

Senior Management Worldwide offers experienced interim managers who fit the current issues. Virtually all partners of SMW know the automotive industry. So, don’t wait until your organization is further developed and ready for take off, but start immediately. Of course, your organization will learn from the knowledge and experience of the interim manager right away. After completion of the assignment, your organization moves on to the chosen path. That’s what you call a head start.

International cooperation

Senior Management Worldwide (SMW) regularly publishes best practice examples from its partners. With associated member firms in 40 countries and partner branches in 19 countries including USA, Europe, Asia and Americas, SMW delivers services seamlessly across the world in any market. One local contact in your country plus one contact on the ground in the country where we are working. Wondering how we can help your company? Contact the SMW partners in your region:

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