Interim Executive Helps Financial Gain

SMW ensures that an an interim executive gives your more benefits in the long run.

Maintain outlook on the big picture by providing a world class, interim executive leadership.

Running a business can sometimes make you lose sight of the big picture. Going through the same things over and over again everyday gives managers a myopic view of their business. For this reason, companies end up getting lost in strategy and routine. In contrast, businesses could take a step back to see what the marketplace demands are.

Loosing sight of initial intentions for the business is something that happens to many managers. They surround themselves with the same people and lose that outside perspective brought in by fresh talent and experience. The lack of experience in leadership can be more expensive in the long-run. Only somebody’s who been in the industry for a long time can share industry shortcuts and savings. This will bring significant gains to the business. Interim management can play a crucial role in your business at this point.

Interim executive brings financial gains

An Interim General Manager (GM) brings better inventory management, warehousing, and better speed of distribution to a business. These are all processes that contribute to the efficient running of an organization. But what are the direct monetary gains? Charles Wilson was involved in the acquisition of a furniture retail business by a private equity firm. They had difficulty adapting the internal structure and governance of the organization. Contributing factors like this have affected growth. At this point an interim GM was asked to step in to increase efficiency and pull the executive team together.

During the transition he found the impact was less on additional sales revenue and more in terms of increased margin.

Profit margins have increased because businesses began running more efficiently. As a result, they were able to have a better handle on their costs. Reducing costs was helped by stopping unnecessary processes. The company could focus on those that were being done right. Accordingly, this helped the organization become more efficient.

Financial gains in running a leaner business became more apparent in later years than in the short-term. For the business, an interim GM gave them more benefits in margin control and costs control than through revenue in sales. SMW ensures that a your company will maintain its upward trajectory by providing a world class, interim executive leadership.

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