Interim management in times of corona

In this time of the coronavirus pandemic, interim assignments are being extended and new assignments are being granted. For example, in the (semi) governmental sectors, to help employees on the front line with the direct consequences of COVID-19. Also, some large companies are already looking ahead to the post COVID period and conclude that many themes need to be addressed in conjunction. Work that can perfectly be done by an interim manager, because they often have broad experience and therefore have a holistic scope. Read our article about this CCO – the Chief COVID Officer.

In other markets we see some reluctance. Companies look carefully before hiring an interim manager. Partners of SMW understand the hesitation and therefore strategically work with their clients to see how best an interim can help them. For example: what can the interim manager deliver in terms of digital and technological solutions around the ‘new normal’? Many organizations only had a short period of time to set up working from home. New digital and technological solutions will soon be needed for more efficient and reliable remote working. And what about finance? Many companies will soon be in the recovery phase. Need better cash flow or investments in order to continue. And what about all the logistical challenges that await? In short, interim managers will be able to help organizations through this pandemic as well as the build-up period afterwards. 

SMW’s partners help their interim managers thrive. They support interims with their CVs, marketing and networking. They help them to think wider than the sector they come from and offer options for their next role and the type of role that best fits them. They also help them to learn from the past. What happened after the financial crisis of 2008? There was a large influx of interim positions in the public sector, because the government wants to give the economy a boost after every crisis. What does this mean for the interim manager today? How can he or she prepare for this?

All partners of Senior Management Worldwide understand their profession and keep an eye out for both the client and the interim. Want to learn more? Contact the SMW partner in your country. They will be happy to help you.

International cooperation

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