3 Ways Interim Executives Benefit Your Company

Interim executives‘ leadership ensures that businesses remain strong.

Interim executives are oftentimes brought in for something specific. They are brought in for key issues in large-scale projects, sudden gaps in leadership. Sometimes companies simply need to head in a new direction all together. While they are most useful in times of change, the benefits of having an interim executive on board are endless.

Rounding up the advantages to just three is difficult, but here are some of the top reasons organizations value interim executives. You’ll also see why companies hire our executive again and again.

1. Higher outcomes in a short amount of time for interim executives

Interims are very delivery-outcome focused. Because they are their own business and their own marketing department. Delivering goals efficiently and successfully is paramount to businesses staying strong.

The best way to market yourself is by demonstrating successful outcomes. This is why it’s so important for them to accomplish achievements in their work.

Interim executives work extra hard and put in extra hours. It’s not unusual for them to be the last one leaving the office or staying in late to make sure everything is ready for the next day. In the short amount of time they are in an organization, interims create a impressive impact. They do this by delivering more goals than permanent executives or employees would do in the same duration.

The extra perks are what you get out of interim manager. They are at times unquantifiable and invisible, but they are definitely there.

2. Interim executives add value

If you hire someone in a communication-sales type role, you’ll see a return in revenue. Because of the nature of their work, interim execs are able to deliver measurable results that give visible proof to their value.

Other functional areas of visible value show in contract procurement and finance. Tangible results make it easier for an organization to observe the value they’re getting. There are other situations which don’t give you numbers to compare like like supply negotiation or building deals. Instead they provide the organization with just as much value through cost savings.

3. Interim executives equals savings

At Senior Management Worldwide (SMW), clients will make a fuss about how much it costs for the services of an interim executive. But if the interim says instead, “OK, how about we take a percentage of the savings we give you which can add up to a million pounds?” That’s when the organization thinks “maybe not” and sticks with the daily rate.

Interim managers come in with experience at a higher level than permanent executives. Because of this, they are able to spot issues objectively and fill in the gaps that leak both time, money and resources. They add value to organizations by making it efficient, saving companies up to a million pounds. SMW’s executive leadership placement ensures that businesses remain strong, revenue-generating, and relevant during times of change.

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